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This story takes place on an peninsula on the western sea of the main continent. The peninsula itself is broad and shaped much like Spain.

In the center of the peninsula is an enormous circular valley, obviously an ancient meteor crater, called the Valley of Ioun. It is a lush, grassy landscape, with rolling hills dotted with barrows and marked with stones. The high ring of cliffs ringing the valley are much higher than most of the ranges on the peninsula, due to the meteor impact. Surrounding the valley are mountain peaks on all sides. Many of these bear names, too, and hold their own adventures. Because of their relative seclusion caused by the extensive mountain ranges, these places tend to have very unique customs and people not found elsewhere in the peninsula.

To the north, east, west, and south of the Valley are ancient paths, fallen into disuse but so well-made that they remain passable and are not overgrown, like ancient Roman roads.

Southwest Peninsula

To the Southwest, in a valley of the mountains, is the wood-ringed town of Sylfaven. This is arguably the most prosperous town on the peninsula itself, with a thriving trade in lumber from their rich forests and incredibly pure mineral ore from the thousands of small, shallow caves that riddle the forest. (In ancient times this was obviously a place of great volcanic activity, and these caves are a result of the lava flow and subsequent erosion. The town itself sits in the shallow caldera formed by a Mt. Saint Helens-type explosion. The name of the volcano itself has been lost to time, but it was its lava flow that gave the area its unique texture.) There is generally a mild tension between the townsfolk and the wood elves, as the wood elves understandably wish to keep the forest untainted. To the immediate north of the town is a small forest sacred to wood elves. Those who worship here worship Avandra.

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